Pilot Operated Directonal Valves: DHG-10      


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  • High Flow rate upto 1100 lpm (291 USgpm)
  • Maximum Operating presuure upto 315 bar (4500 PSI)
  • Long service life with average durability of 50 million spool shifts.


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Technical Specifications

Spool Type & Graphic Symbols DHG – 10 (1-1/4″)
Symbols Model Number Rated Flow Capacity Maximun Flow Capacity
Spool type 2B2 DHG-10-2B2-** 570 lpm (150 USgpm) 1100 lpm (291 USgpm)
Spool Type 2B3 DHG-10-2B3-**
Spool Type 2N2 DHG-10-2N2-**
Spool Type 2N3 DHG-10-2N3-**
Spool Type 3C2 DHG-10-3C2-**
Spool Type 3C3 DHG-10-3C3-**
Spool Type 3C4 DHG-10-3C4-**
Spool Type 3C40 DHG-10-3C40-**
Spool Type 3C7 DHG-10-3C7-**
Spool Type 3C9 DHG-10-3C9-**
Spool Type 3C10 DHG-10-3C10-**
Spool Type 3C11 DHG-10-3C11-**
Spool Type 3C12 DhG-10-3C12-**
Spool Type 3C5 DHG-10-3C5-** 570 lpm (150 USgpm) 950 lpm (250 USgpm)
Spool Type 3C6 DHG-10-3C6-**
Spool Type 3C60 DHG-10-3C60-**
Max. Operating Pressure (P.A.B) (bar) 315 (4500 PSI)
Min. Required Pilot Pressure 10 (143 PSI)
Max. Pilot Pressure 250 (3600 PSI)
Max. T-Line Back Pressure (T) (bar) 210 (3000 PSI)
Weight (Kgs)
43.8(96.6 lbs)
Hydraulic Fluids Use Hydraulic Fluids Equivalent to ISO VG32 or VG46
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -15 ~ +70 (+5 ~ +160 °F)
Operating Viscosity (cSt) 15 ~ 400 (80 ~ 1800 SSU)
Filtration 25 Microns Absolute or Finer


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DHG-10 Dimensions

DHG-10 Dimensions


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Ordering Code

DHG 3C2 N 10 D1 36 *P*D
Series No. Spool Type Electrical Conduit Type Valve Size Coil Voltage Design No. Pilot and Drain Connection
DHG Spring centered 3 Position (3C94, 3C60, 3C6, 3C3 etc.) N: DIN connector with light. 06 : 1-1/4″ (NFPA-D10) D1: DC12V

D2: DC24V

36: with DIN 912 bolts *P -> Pilot Plug (1/16, 1/8, 1/4)

*D -> Drain Plug (1/16, 1/8, 1/4)

Spring Offset 2 Position(2B2, 2B3, 2B8, 2B29 etc.) D3: DC36V

D4: DC48V

1P1D: Internal Pilot, Internal Drain
Spring Detented 2 Position(2D2, 2D3 etc. ) D5: DC60V

D6: DC72V

1P2D: Internal Pilot, External Drain
For complete list see Spool Types tab below D14.5: DC14.5v 2P1D: External Pilot, Internal Drain
D28: DC28V 2P2D: External Pilot, External Drain


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Performance Graph

Performance Graph DHG 10


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Sub Plate

Subplate DHG 10