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Shuttle Valve

BH-SV-12 - 2 Way Shuttle Valve


When a higher pressure is sensed, at inlet 2 the ball within the catridge is forced against a seat opening the highe pressure to outlet. When the higher pressure appears at the inlet 2 the ball is forced against the other seat which blocks inlet 1 and opens the up inlet 2 to outside.

Technical Specifications

Rated Flow 50 L/Min
Maximum Pressure 350 BAR (5000 psi)
Cartridge Material

Hard Ground Steel

Steel Surfaces Zinc Plated

Mounting Position Unrestricted
Torque 50 N-m
Weight 0.05 kg
Filtration Required 10 Micron
Operating temperature -40 Deg.Celsius to 120 Deg.Celsius
Viscosity 5 – 500 cSt

Port Size

G 1/4

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