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BH-NRV/BH-RVP SERIES – Check Valve Direct-Acting, Cone Poppet Valve for Inline and Manifold Mounting – 350 bar


The BH-RV and BH-RVP are check valves which allow flow in one direction (port B port A) while the other direction is shut off. The shut-off function is provided by the spring-loaded cone poppet. The standard cracking pressure is 0.5 bars.


  • Mounting directly inline and directly onto control manifolds
  • Leak-free poppet design for complete shut-off
  • Optional plated version to improve corrosion resistance are
    available on request
  • Cracking pressures other than 0.5 bar are available as an

Technical Specifications

Cracking pressure

0.5 bar

Media operating temperature

-20 °C to max. +80 °C



Operating fluid

Hydraulic oil to DIN 51524 Part 1, 2 and 3

Viscosity range

min. 2.8 mm²/s to max. 800 mm²/s

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