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Hydraulic Cylinders


We Bell Hydromatics Pvt .Ltd. are involved in offering utmost quality of Hydaulic Cylinders. A hydraulic cylinder, also known as a linear hydraulic motor, is a type of mechanical actuator that delivers a single force during a single stroke. It has numerous uses, including in manufacturing equipment, elevators, civil engineering, and construction equipment (engineering vehicles). Pressurized hydraulic fluid, which is commonly oil, provides the hydraulic cylinders with their power. A piston and piston rod coupled to a cylinder barrel make up the hydraulic cylinder, which oscillates back and forth. The barrel is sealed at both ends by the cylinder bottom, also known as the cap, and the cylinder head, also known as the gland, from which the piston rod emerges. Seals and sliding rings are on the piston. The piston creates two chambers inside the cylinder: the bottom chamber (cap end) and the chamber along the piston rod's side (rod end/head end). We Bell Hydromatics Pvt .Ltd. are Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Provider, Exporters, Wholesalers, Traders of Hydraulic Cylinders In Mumbai, In Navi Mumbai, In Thane and all over India.

Key Highlights

  • Bore from 40mm to 600mm
  • Max operating pressure upto 315 bar
  • Piston speed from 0.5m/s to 4m/s
  • Six Sigma Quality, Count on us
Hydraulic Cylinders

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